Showing at The Stratford Gallery as part of IN ALL LINE OF ORDER from 13th October 2018. 
(To enquire about purchasing a specific painting from this series or commissioning a piece of artwork, please contact thestratfordgallery.co.uk)

The paintings in this series describe a state of flux, the change from day into night, summer into winter, outward into inward. The shadows grow tall across the land. Along the river banks there are dark corners and hidden spaces. The world rotates into Autumn and Summer falls to the pathways in a confetti of petals and leaves. The winds change and the birds are blown southward like feathered acrobats against the clouds. Decay, woodsmoke, distant flames…the smell of life in death and death in life. Inwardly turning the land becomes darker but the skies still rage with colour at dusk. Although shadows and veils race across each surface, the work holds a warmth in its heart. Although each painting is a riddle of obscured spaces and drifting mists the flames burn in the distance like dreams.